How to launch your own high altitude weather balloon

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Amateur ballooning

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Video about amateur ballooning:

Too hot, and the plastic will melt together and stick to the iron; plus the seam is very weak. I waited for another HABber to arrive — his first time chasing — and meantime I updated the other enthusiasts online, and took some photographs of the scenery; Shropshire is very pretty. The airframe material is usually Styrofoam or Foamcore, as they are lightweight, easy to machine, and provide reasonably good insulation.

Amateur ballooning

How about this cute thingy together with the balloon and the frame being sucked into a jet engine? My guess was that after burst — when the payload suddenly finds itself without support — the line up to the balloon found its way behind the camera which it then removed as the balloon remnants pulled on it. Also tape can make a huge mess if it comes undone and gets snarled in the rest of the balloon.

Amateur ballooning

Amateur ballooning

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  1. I don't think anyone has. Use of amateur radio transmitters on an ARHAB flight requires an amateur radio license, but non-amateur radio transmitters are possible to use without a license.

  2. See the article Sub-orbital Rockets to Space: Here is a list of some possible benefits of utilizing Near Space:

  3. The technology, operations techniques, etc. A payload can be anything you want, but you absolutely need weight on the bottom to keep the balloon opening pointing down, so that the hot air is trapped in the bag above it.

  4. The balloon popped, as planned, at an altitude of about 40 km and Camilla parachuted safely back to Earth.

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