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Best divorce websites

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The forms used by the best divorce websites are similar to the forms a lawyer might use in preparing your divorce paperwork. Online Divorce was pioneered in March, by NetDivorce's founder and a joint venture partner at divorceweb.

Best divorce websites

You've just been hoodwinked. Whatever you do, stay away from rocketlawyer.

Best divorce websites

Best divorce websites

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  1. Vastly improved website appearance since our last review. However, these divorces are entirely different than a typical dissolution because if a person is stationed overseas or is on active duty, there are specific laws that apply.

  2. In fact, many of the best online divorce forms are even recommended by attorneys and legal professionals, when a divorce is uncontested.

  3. The difference between us is that we recommend ourselves openly on our own site, where you have an opportunity to use your own common sense to assess our levels of experience, competence, integrity and value.

  4. However, did you know that if you mess up the paperwork your case can be thrown out of court?

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