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In any case, they eventually relinquished all claims to ownership of the locomotive, leaving it entirely in the hands of the Maroochy Shire Council. We also have an extensive range of wooden and metal martial arts weapons hundreds books dvds.


No overhead wires or trolley poles are envisaged. The Mill retained all the Shire's carriages and wagons after it bought the line, and modified them for use by its track gangs on the cane tramway.



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  1. A rare photograph showing the locomotive after its refurbishment but still with its diamond chimney appears in Clive Plater's book, "Locomotives of the Moreton Central Sugar Mill". The two pivoting arms which secure the smokebox to the chassis, while allowing it to expand forward when in steam, are seen in the foreground.

  2. Run-around loops will need to be provided at each end of the short line for use when Petrie is in charge of the tram.

  3. Having watched with bemusement the bickering surrounding these projects, your writer has maintained his independence and eschewed membership in any Mapleton group. The Council and Mapleton people agreed that this was probably a good idea, and so o n 7th April , Shay was loaded onto a semi-trailer truck and transported kilometres south to Ipswich.

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