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Breast fat huge mature

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Chondroid lipoma represents a distinct entity in the spectrum of lipomatous lesions and has to be distinguished from benign and malignant neoplasms [ 4 ]. The clinical and radiographic identification of deep lipoma of breast remains challenging [ 3 ].

Breast fat huge mature

Individual cells showed nucleus pushed to periphery and clear cytoplasm and component showed vacuolated cells with eosinophilic nuclei resembling chondroblasts Fig. Lipomas of the breast are usually small, benign neoplasm, with rare in occurrence [ 2 ]. Cytological examination revealed epithelial cyst with calcification.

Breast fat huge mature

Breast fat huge mature

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  1. The sex appeal of plump breast is unique to the human primate. Complete surgical excision with the capsule is essential to prevent local recurrence [ 3 ].

  2. Mammography of right breast revealed popcorn like calcification. In addition, females in early adolescence can start developing a breast before menarche and females maintain breasts post menopause, so the full breast is not a reliable indicator of fertility.

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