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Chucklehead fish

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We enter a piscine realm upon walking a bank or riverbed. Like my father and my uncles who have gone before, I have devoted myself to the mystical art of nonfishing. In California they are most often found to shallower depths of ft.

Chucklehead fish

At times, a considerable amount of chumming with ground fish will attract California scorpionfish to the surface. In shallow, turgid rivers, for catfish? Checking and replacing sections of leader, tying on a tippet, stretching and dressing the fly line, devising a lure, cleaning sand out of the reel arbor, and reading the water were necessary several times during an outing.

Chucklehead fish

Chucklehead fish

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  2. The "balloons" are released at the bottom of the sea and rise rapidly to the surface. In California they are most often found to shallower depths of ft.

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