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Disabled chats and forums

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Conversation threading A thread sometimes called a topic is a collection of posts, usually displayed from oldest to latest, although this is typically configurable: Sometimes if the topic is considered the source of the problem, it is locked; often a poster may request a topic expected to draw problems to be locked as well, although the moderators decide whether to grant it.

Disabled chats and forums

Tripcodes and capcodes Main article: If a user has a message topic and replies to that message topic and responds to replies, then a fully threaded format is best.

Disabled chats and forums

Disabled chats and forums

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  1. A user of the forum can automatically be promoted to a more privileged user group based on criteria set by the administrator.

  2. Posts that follow in the thread are meant to continue discussion about that post, or respond to other replies; it is not uncommon for discussions to be derailed.

  3. Until that time, the registered user can log in to the new account but may not post , reply , or send private messages in the forum. Moderators The moderators short singular form:

  4. Some stand alone threads on forums have reached fame and notability such as the " I am lonely will anyone speak to me " thread on MovieCodec. Many forum packages offer a way to create Custom BBCodes, or BBcodes that are not built into the package, where the administrator of the board can create complex BBCodes to allow the use of JavaScript or iframe functions in posts, for example embedding a YouTube or Google Video complete with viewer directly into a post.

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