How to Get Perky Boobs Without Surgery

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Exercises to make my breasts perkier

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To give your boobs a boost, eat: Method Utilizing Alternative Methods 1 Maintain a healthy weight.

Exercises to make my breasts perkier

Raise and lower your body. Do not touch the dumbbells — keep your arms straight and in-line with your shoulders. Having a strong back and shoulders improves your posture, which can help prevent the rounded shoulders that can make breasts look even less perky.

Exercises to make my breasts perkier

Exercises to make my breasts perkier

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  1. You can even do each exercise during commercial breaks. Consider working with a personal trainer or taking a lifting class before starting any intense weight regimen.

  2. Creams, Lotions and Other Topical Applications Myriad products on the market promise to tone and tighten breast skin and lift the breasts.

  3. Lay your arms out to form a "T" with your body, with a dumbbell in each hand. Many women wear incorrect bra sizes and that can lead to back pain too.

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