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Famous ballarat bands

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Ballarat was founded in the heady days during the 's when large deposits of gold were discovered. I loved your site. Everyone asked where I got Elvis from and I told them your name.

Famous ballarat bands

Ted Lovett has been a staunch advocate for indigenous rights in Ballarat. This is still the band's name in and, while the band has experienced fluctuating fortunes, unlike many bands over the years, the City of Ballarat Municipal Brass Band is proud it has never amalgamated with any other band in order to survive. Geoffrey Blainey, one of Australia's most eminent historians, was appointed the foundation Chancellor of the University of Ballarat UB in after an illustrious career at the University of Melbourne.

Famous ballarat bands

Famous ballarat bands

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  1. In the 19th century, the lure of riches attracted a steady stream of people from all over the world and so in Thomas Bulch a 22 years old Englishman, left the UK seeking a new life in far-away Ballarat, Australia. Although a somewhat troubled character, Radio Dave was often spotted along Sturt Street with has trademark mobile radio pumping his favourite music.

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