Why a Guy Touches You the Way He Does

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How he holds your hand

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This is fairly flirtatious. He may also — like a cat -— put his forehead next to your forehead as form of bonding. And before he ever stands his ground to do so with words, he will silently protect you by wrapping is hands around your fist.

How he holds your hand

Back Your back can go a number of ways. I was in a big city, I was a young woman, and this guy looked like some odd cross between Jesus and homeless. Couples do it all the time, but the first time you hold hands with a new person, it can be thrilling.

How he holds your hand

How he holds your hand

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  1. Sometimes we need someone to remind us we deserve more. Most of the time, you may find that your partner is linking up one of your fingers to be flirtatious.

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