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The result is very important not only to the development of new 2DLC technology with a single column for proteomics, but also to recombinant protein drug production for saving column expense and simplifying the process in biotechnology. Well, actually, my husband put them in the cart because he knew I wanted them and feel bad spending money on myself, but that's just semantics. The results indicated that the novel dual-function column could replace two individual SCX and HIC columns for protein separation.


I had previously been using factory cheap earbuds, but as a side sleeper, they were digging into my ears and were very uncomfortable. Well, actually, my husband put them in the cart because he knew I wanted them and feel bad spending money on myself, but that's just semantics.



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  1. I do keep the volume fairly low, but my husband says that he cannot hear my music and they do not bother them. In addition, the effects of the hydrophobicity of the ligand of the dual-function packings and pH of the mobile phase used on protein separation were also investigated in detail.

  2. The results show that the ligand with suitable hydrophobicity to match the electrostatic interaction is very important to prepare the dual-function stationary phase, and a better resolution and selectivity can be obtained at pH 6. Waking up refreshed and relaxed, without ear pain, is amazing.

  3. Fei Wang We have explored a novel dual-function stationary phase which combines both strong cation exchange SCX and hydrophobic interaction chromatography HIC characteristics. I researched the best earbuds for sleeping, and came across Bedphones.

  4. I have anxiety and having low, relaxing music helps me sleep. In fact, he reported that my old, cheap earbuds bothered him more because they would fall out of my ears while sleeping and the music playing directly out into the air would wake him up.

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