Miasma theory

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It did not simply travel on air, it changed the air through which it propagated. Snow used statistical data to show that citizens who received their water from upstream sources were considerably less likely to develop cholera than those who received their water from downstream sources. Miasma explained why cholera and other diseases were epidemic in places where the water was undrained and very foul-smelling.


Chadwick supported his proposal with reports from the London Statistical Society which showed dramatic increases in both morbidity and mortality rates since the beginning of urbanization in the early nineteenth century. Poisoning and psittacosis were also called miasma in ancient China because they did not accurately understand the cause of disease.



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  1. The miasma was thought to be caused by the heat, moisture and the dead air in the Southern Chinese mountains. As a result, the government became concerned about the severe cases and the causes of miasma by sending doctors to the areas of epidemic to research the disease and heal the patients.

  2. For example, the population of Manchester doubled within a single decade, leading to overcrowding and a great increase in waste accumulation.

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