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Polygraph test edmonton

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Polygraph test edmonton

The third phase is where the examiner will do an analysis of the polygrams and from that will come to an opinion. Contrary to a popular myth, polygraph tests are admissible in court. The first phase of the work involves your initial, confidential discussion with one of our experts.

Polygraph test edmonton

Polygraph test edmonton

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  1. Our Infidelity Lie Detector Test format involves a critical three stage path which develops a core understanding of the relationship in the pre-test interview and phone consultation and then derives an impartial and holistic approach through the polygraph and psychometric element before providing the client or all parties where consented to a full and thorough report and conclusion.

  2. The majority of our clients attend our office very upset and distraught. Have you been falsely accused of sexually assaulting your own children?

  3. Has your partner lied to the court and your family about you and now you don't see your children as you should?

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