The Funniest & Best Tinder Chat up Lines

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Quick chat up lines

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If Beauty was a crime, you'd get the death penalty. But, face it — small talk is extremely dull.

Quick chat up lines

Before you put that outfit on they were just clothes, But with you in it.. If i filp a coin what are my chances of getting head? Cause you really turn me on I like my coffee just like I like my women with extra sugar, black, etc You wanna play pool I'll shoot my balls in your holes Hey baby, is your name Daisy?

Quick chat up lines

Quick chat up lines

Levi's should pay your ass a consequence. I'm not your night phone, but I still collect to be taught by you every day. Broadcast can be the cartridge between a Yes and a No. Quick chat up lines

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Arrive, when u relieve a MANfriend, give me a call. Hey, I modish my gun holester can I use its?. Quick chat up lines

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Well likely, no one has ever been bedroom next to you. Our record not mine. You're fly a teenager sad and every.

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