Naughty, Hot, & Sexy "Happy Birthday" Wishes for Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

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Sexy bday cards

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I hope you like the sound of that. Besides the gift that I've already given you on your birthday, I'm going to let you unwrap me as a sizzling birthday present.

Sexy bday cards

And as a second gift, I bought myself hot lingerie to give you a hot treat later at night. Birthday suit, cake and candles — I think birthdays are meant to be naughty. You can even do anything you want to me.

Sexy bday cards

Sexy bday cards

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Why not try roomy our Make Taking Realization eCard. It will starting your complete around!. Sexy bday cards

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  1. This interactive dirty birthday eCard allows you to unwrap some very hot, well-toned gifts. Perhaps you are looking for an animated eCard that is still adult, but more funny than sexy?

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