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Sexy lioness

   12.03.2018  2 Comments

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OkCupid has recently even allowed users to identify as sapiosexual. I'm trying to get it common enough so that it makes it into the dictionary. I want someone for whom philosophical discussion is foreplay.

Sexy lioness

The rise of sapiosexuality goes hand in hand with the rise of the frequency of discussing other forms of sexuality beyond lesbian, gay, straight, and bisexuality: How is it different than a fetish?

Sexy lioness

Sexy lioness

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  1. What we can see is that discussing sexuality and gender has become more and more multifaceted over the years and has become more common in this decade.

  2. There even was an app that launched in late called Sapio for fellow sapiosexuals to find each other which, like many dating apps, is not being updated and has complaints of being buggy. What makes being attracted to intelligence different than being attracted to a particular hair color or body type?

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