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Southwest art magazine dick turner

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When Fritz was 14, her family moved to Inverness, Scotland, where her father was sent to run a postcard factory. Dick Turner, the theorist, Loren Adams, the seascapes, Bob Wgant, the western artist master, and Lajos Markos, the western art and portrait master, have all had an influence on Shirley's unique style that is like no other artis's. The river is a metaphor for life.

Southwest art magazine dick turner

She paints her still lifes one at a time, unlike many artists who work on several paintings simultaneously. You never know where life is going to take you.

Southwest art magazine dick turner

Southwest art magazine dick turner

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  1. To areas where clouds are prominent. And, true to her English roots, she continues to garden, growing hibiscus and oleander and the pretty blue plumbago flowers that show up in her paintings.

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