Eight red flags to look out for in your relationship that signal it's time to leave NOW

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Top red flags in a relationship

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Or does she have a revolving door of friends who come and go every couple of months? After all it takes time to get over a serious long-term relationship. Next thing they know they wind up stuck in a relationship with a girl who is nothing but trouble.

Top red flags in a relationship

However, a sign there's a potential problem is when a person you're dating appears to lose their temper too often - and for no reason. But the issue is when one person appears to be more in control of the situation.

Top red flags in a relationship

Top red flags in a relationship

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  1. A girl who constantly moves the topic of conversation in this direction is signaling insecurity and neediness.

  2. Commitment issues When you pay close attention to people you start to notice that how a person does one thing is how she does everything.

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