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What is diffident

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Somehow I have a feeling that imperfect solution in an imperfect world won't be good enough for many. Gandhi vs Modi as one of issues related to class vs those related to aspirations. And it means that even outside Parliament, where contentious issues are concerned, he has reacted only when nudged.

What is diffident

However, much of this can be attributed to the global surge of liquidity in the mids, and all that India did to open its economy between and including the five years of the NDA rule between and Journalists, frustratingly, are not allowed recorders and use of quotes from the meetings is permitted only selectively.

What is diffident

What is diffident

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Why are Obama and the others appealing in Asia and not elsewhere. So, what talks one time of Gandhi?. What is diffident

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  1. Definition of diffident in the English dictionary The definition of diffident in the dictionary is lacking self-confidence; timid; shy.

  2. A reserved personality, doubtful opinion, hesitant stance, self-conscious behavior, sheepish manner and a meek attitude shows diffidence in a person.

  3. Schools and many parents implicitly assume that pupils are fully capable of effective social interaction. Which, to me, since Gaddafi is a crazy like a fox street fighter, always seemed naive.

  4. Without that, this looks like yet another Western military intervention. And how does it end?

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