What To Do When You Have Been Betrayed by a Friend

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When your best friend betrays you

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These are possibilities you can consider in giving her the benefit of the doubt. At the end of the day, betrayal is only a mental notion.

When your best friend betrays you

How not to become bitter or wary? Not only does it not feel good, you are inadvertently reinforcing their rationalization that such "taker" behavior is ok, so they are more likely to act that way with others.

When your best friend betrays you

When your best friend betrays you

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  1. Can you do without this person in your life, or is she someone who means a lot to you and whom you want to keep by your side? Let the full emotional effect of the betrayal sink in, yet don't re-run the scene more than three times.

  2. Look to the part of that person's potentially positive intent, especially when she appeared to have none in that situation. My friend Paul Geffner told me once that a key to cultivating healthy relationships, with each person who comes into our life, is to recognize, over time, the optimal distance in which to hold them.

  3. Then, in factual, non-blaming language, describe the specific behavior that bothered you. Those scenes dominated my thoughts more than other recent, joyful moments with others.

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