Why are good men so hard to find?

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Where are good men

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Just look at the lopsided university graduation rates, which are now around Good guys are level-headed, supportive and kind. I was always taught that I deserved the world, and that my entire life would fall into perfect harmony any time I wanted it to, including marriage, promptly by the age of

Where are good men

For there to be more successful relationships us women need to be less reactive to the first impression and give good guys more time to show us their multiple layers. All too often a woman moves in with some guy, hoping they're on the road to somewhere. Men don't have to prove themselves as providers any more.

Where are good men

Where are good men

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  1. In an interview with The Financial Times , she advises women to marry the nerds and good guys. Comments Spend a little time with single women in their early to mids, and you'll be grateful you're not one of them.

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