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Video about xm29:

The 20mm grenade launcher was technologically advanced for the period, which proved expensive, and its ammunition was too select to warrant large-scale procurement. Specifically, by deliberately designing the 20 mm grenade with the intent of shooting enemy personnel wearing body armor using an explosive projectile, the 20 mm HEDP round is thus an "exploding bullet", which are illegal for military use under the Law of War. Visit our guidelines for more information.


Development of the complete XM29 OICW Increment 3 system has been shelved, and will be resumed in the future only if all current problems with OICW Block 1 rifle component are solved, and weight constraints of entire system are met. Since the grenade launcher fed through a bull-pup style arrangement, the shoulder stock was integral to the design and rigid, creating a long and deep weapon body.



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