Yoga Fix Mackay

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Yoga fix mackay

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It was in the first inversion in that first class I knew this was going to help. Made my husband and I feel very comfortable from first walking through the door.

Yoga fix mackay

This gave me a firm foundation in Hatha Yoga and taught me three fundamental aspects for the successful development of advanced yoga practice. I resolved that 'things had to change' and it was at this time that I heard about AGY from two very different sources. This revolutionary technique, developed by Christopher Harrison, now offers the pure beginner a way to develop a sensory understanding of advanced yogic skills.

Yoga fix mackay

Yoga fix mackay

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  1. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 16, which I learnt to effectively manage for seven years with a combination of Iyengar yoga and swimming. All of the instructors are really friendly and inviting.

  2. Continuing with AGY has helped to nearly eliminate the constant discomfort not only from the instant release of tension during class, but also through improving strength, muscle tone and posture. It has given me what I needed to keep teaching for years to come without wearing my own body out!

  3. We encourage our teachers to be themselves, find their own voice and structure classes in a way that reflects their personality.

  4. However this is not the only amazing benefit! We felt amazing, signed up for 2 weeks, and couldn't stop talking about how much we got out of it.

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